When the Education/Youth Committee hosted the first annual Muwekma Youth Campout at Sunol Regional Wilderness, the Muwekma Youth, Tribal Members and other participants enjoyed a week of cultural activities, festivities and delicious food.

Master wood craftsman Shane Eagleton displayed skill and technique in carving out a replica of a Tule Canoe from a redwood log. The front of the canoe is shaped like an eagle's face.

Shane also carved out small pieces of wood in various shapes for each campout attendant to take home as a memory piece of the campout.

Each person who attended also received a souvenir T-Shirt of the campout as a gift from the Education/Youth Committee.

The campout was a true cultural and educational experience for those who attended. The Youth had the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding, fire making, Indian games, swimming, campfires, storytelling, tribal drumming, nature walks, and hikes.

East Bay Regional Park Naturalist, Norm Kidder, guided the Youth on nature walks and discussed the relevance of the Ohlone Indian presence in Sunol.

He explained the use of various herbs and medicinal plants, and showed how to recognize the different footprints that cross over the land.

Visitors such as Laura Jones, Archaeologist for Stanford University, and Alan Leventhal, Ethnohistorian for the Muwekma Tribe, came to the campout and shared their knowledge about the history of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe.

There were many Muwekma Youth who participated and had the opportunity to enjoy the week-long campout: Michael "Rocky" Alvarez, Stephanie Banda, Antonia Banda, Raymond Sullivan, Erin Sullivan, Christopher Drennan, Tino Diaz, and Chris Alvarez.

There were also many children who came during the day and had the opportunity to participate and have fun: Rusty Alvarez, Matthew Alvarez, Nicole Drennan, Alyssa Banda, Joshua Arellano, Nicole Veikune, Jessica Veikune, Anthony Acosta, Noel Montoya, and Mary Splan.

Muwekma Tribal members who attended and participated were: Joel Arellano, Sr., Virginia Arellano, Evelyn Drennan, Ray Drennan, Joel Arellano, Jr., Mae Arellano, Denise Banda, Frank Banda, David Splan, Erika Sandoval, Anthony Splan, Joe Rodriguez, Espi Martinez, Arnold Sanchez, Dotti Lameria, Janice Cambra, and Charlene Acosta.

Council Members who attended and showed their support for the Youth Campout were: Hank Alvarez, Concha Rodriguez, Carol Sullivan, and Susie Rodriguez.

Interested visitors who also came by Kent were: Koa Eagleton, Sammy Leal, Alex Leal, Robert Gonzalez, EBRPD Rangers, and Jerry, Assistant General Manager for East Bay Regional Park District.

Special Thanks to all our cooks who prepared such delicious meals each day: Norma Sanchez, Concha Rodriguez, Rosemary Cambra, David Splan, Rich and Juanita Massiatt, and Joel and Virginia Arellano.

Much Appreciation and Thanks goes to Rosemary Cambra, Chairwoman of the Muwekma Tribe, who Co-coordinated the Youth Campout.

Special Thanks goes to Tribal Member Gloria Arellano, who assisted Campout Coordinator Monica V. Arellano in keeping order throughout the entire week!

Congratulations to Rocky and Koa, they both won the Bubble Blowing Contest. They each blew a massive 8 inch bubble!

The campout would not have been such a success without the help and support of the Muwekma Youth and Tribal Members. Thanks to all who participated and just remember, Next Year Will Be Even Better!


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